B i o g r a p h y

Cilantro Collective is a bunch of musicians looking to play some good tunes. Their roots run deep, fuelling a tendency towards bluegrass, folk and R&B. It's the kind of music that goes well with avocados. With strong anti-bacterial and antioxidant qualities, the band is also known to lower anxiety levels and produce strong feelings of wellness in the limbic system. Between its six players, the band has over 140 years of playing experience. That's a whole lotta jump, jive 'n wailing.

Members Include:​

Tom Melville on keys:
SOULidified, Advocats Big Band

Will Melville on mandolin, vocals, guitar and other stuff:
Moonlight Flood, willrpmelville.com

Rebecca Melville on vocals

Alex Macleod on guitar

TIki Weyman on harmonica

Jonah Hundert on washboard and kazoo

Rick Blair on Bass

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